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Umrah Details:

Umra is a small Hajj(pilgrimage) that can be performed at any time of the year. Thus Umra can be performed along with Hajj and in other days as well.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said : "Umrah is an expiation for sins committed between one Umrah and the next; but Hajj which is accepted will receive no less reward than Paradise."

Being such an important act of worship, we sincerely understand at Mian Channu Travels International  how important it is for the prospective pilgrim to find the right kind of package to suit his/her needs. You will find us honest and straight forward in our dealings, always doing our utmost to recommend the package that best suits your requirements and providing accurate descriptions of all the services provided. We place great emphasis on these points and after several memorable and successful Umrah trips, we can honestly say that you will always be met with a friendly and helpful service, reflecting a high degree of professionalism..


Umra Facilities Offers:
You can view our packages detail in 'Umra Packages Page'. We offer building in Makkah accommodation 500 meters and building in Madina accommodation 500 meters.

As well as Hotel in Makkah accommodation 350 meters and Madina accommodation 250 meters.

All the package were without ticket, ticket fare can be charged according current fare from air line when you travel.

ALLAH says in the Quran:
"fulfill Hajj and Umrah to Allah". (Qur’an 2: 196)


You can make any other dua to suit your needs as well. If salaah time is at hand, do not start with your tawaf until after salaah. Remember that salaah will be performed bare-headed by males.



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